Garcia’s Latin Market

Garcia latin market
Source: Garcia’s Latin Market

Garcia’s Latin Market located on 143 High St, specializes in Latin foods, products, and merchandise. On February 7th, 2016 they will be celebrating their five-year anniversary of conducting business in the Morgantown market.  Garcia’s Latin Market generates most of its business through selling homemade tacos, nachos, salsa, and Latin desserts. They pride themselves in delivering fresh authentic foods that truly represents the Latin culture. Garcia’s Latin market complements restaurant sales by offering Latin products, Latin clothing, spices, and authentic Latin dinnerware.

Source: Garcia’s Latin Market

Garcia’s Latin Market has two primary competitors. First, I will discuss Black Bear Burritos. They offer foods from a similar culture and with similar ingredients. The major difference between the two businesses is that Black Bear specializes in burritos as opposed to tacos. As marketers Black Bear Burritos has an advantage over Garcia’s Latin Market as they already have a presence on Twitter and Instagram. Combined with the better location and more inviting entrance, Black Bear routinely fills up tables with customers who could potentially be patronizing Garcia’s Latin market.

Their second primary competitor is Chico’s Fat. Chico’s Fat is a Mexican restaurant that offers similar ingredients and meats to Garcia’s Latin market and offers both burritos and tacos. Chico’s Fat currently has a presence on Facebook and Twitter. Chico’s Fat also has a great location at the top of High St, Morgantown and also has better outdoor lighting. These factors make the business easier to find for the consumer therefore they are more likely to eat at this specific restaurant.

Both competitors are currently generating more business and seem to be having success with their social media strategies. Both businesses are active on multiple social media sites and post content directed to a similar target market. They engage these customers by posting pictures of daily specials, offering free food, asking for recommendations, developing unique content, and by directly communicating with potential customers. Although Garcia’s Latin market is lagging in terms of social media, they attempt to remain competitive by offering decent prices and a meal typically doesn’t cost more than $8-$9.

In order for Garcia’s Latin Market to take a larger share of the market they will need to continue to spread the name of the business through utilizing other social media websites and engaging with the customer. This will allow them to better meet consumer needs and generate more business. In order to stay ahead on social media it is important for Garcia’s Latin Market to be active on multiple social media sites. Aside from social media I think they should continue to visit farmer’s markets around Morgantown and continue to serve food across from the Mountainlair at least once a business quarter.


Garcia’s Latin Market. (n.d.). Retrieved February 05, 2016, from


6 thoughts on “Garcia’s Latin Market

  1. mackenziecovelli

    This is an awesome business to work with for your social media campaign! I have honestly never heard of Garcia’s but after reading this, you have already helped with their marketing. I’ve been in Morgantown for about 3 years now and i do believe Garcia’s can gain more success if they advertised more often. Hopefully your campaign brings more success to Garcia’s because just from your post i’m wanting to see what they offer!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. xoxoarien

    I have never heard of this restaurant before which is upsetting because it sounds amazing. I think choosing this business was a great idea, you can really help them grow and get their name out there! I’ll definitely have to check it out next time I’m looking for a place to eat!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. carlydellasala

    I have never heard of this business before now but now I am extremely interested in it. It seems Iike it has a different atmosphere they any other food resturant on high street. It’s good to know they keep their prices reasonable especially since students are always looking for cheap prices. I look forward to learning more about this business!

    Liked by 1 person

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