Small Business, Big Opportunity

With large events like the Super Bowl comes marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations can leverage social media and other forms of media by being highly active during these large media times. I would recommend that my client Garcia’s Latin Market post engaging tweets to our target market of individuals in the 18-50 age bracket who are looking for quality, authentic Latin food. An example tweet I have generated is, “Retweet for a free entrée, winner will be chosen at 7pm.” Using posts of this nature will create buzz for the business and get social media users involved with Garcia’s Latin Market.

Other events that would be important for Garcia’s Latin Market to be involved in are local parades in Morgantown, WVU events, professional sporting events, involvement on social media during high viewer TV events, and involvement during times of high internet traffic. My client can get involved by posting engaging content, food giveaways, and pictures of daily specials. It is critical to post on all social media platforms and to use this platform to promote and showcase their catering capabilities. My client’s target audience will engage them at this time because these are times of high social media activity and typically at these events some kind of food is consumed.  My client can gain these customers by developing an effective social media strategy that will influence consumers to look at Garcia’s Latin Market for all their hunger and catering needs.






One thought on “Small Business, Big Opportunity

  1. tkov27

    I really liked your idea of using high social media times during local WVU events. I had originally just thought of high traffic social media times during national events when everyone is online. I think your ideas are great and can benefit your client very well.


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