Emerging Social Media Trends

In 2015 mobile devices overtook desktop computers as the number one source for viewing digital content. Fifty-one percent of the total time spent on the internet was on a mobile device as opposed to forty-two percent on a desktop computer or laptop. Businesses have noticed this trend and are looking at popular mobile social media apps to advertise their business. One emerging social media platform is Snapchat. Snapchat has been popular because it’s a way to post real time videos and pictures. The videos and pictures are added to the individuals “Snap story”, and act as a broadcast that you can share with the world or just your friends. Another unique feature of Snapchat is the ability to send picture and video messages that automatically delete after it is viewed by the recipient. These unique features have helped Snapchat gain a lot of buzz over the past couple of years and businesses are starting to utilize the platform as a form of advertising.

Garcia’s Latin Market can leverage this platform by posting pictures and videos of their daily specials. Also they can post clips of behind the scenes food prep and cooking in the kitchen. I also recommend they post clips and pictures of their company culture in order to show the specified target market exactly what differentiates Garcia’s Latin Market. Which is authentic Latin food cooked and prepped by individuals who live and breathe the Latin culture.


Global Mobile Internet Usage Overtakes Desktop for the First Time [Report]


One thought on “Emerging Social Media Trends

  1. htechard

    I think Snapchat would work well for Garcia’s! I would personally love to see more local restaurants get snapchat. It is a great way to showcase a restaurant and really make people want their food.


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