Crisis Management for Small Business

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Garcia’s Latin Market like all businesses will face some sort of crisis whether big or small. In order to get past these situations and maintain the company’s reputation it is important to have a plan. A potential crisis Garcia’s Latin Market could face is serving food that has an ingredient that makes a customer ill. Garcia’s Latin Market would be wise to learn from the mistakes of Chipotle and handle the situation in a different manner. During the food borne illness outbreak at Chipotle there were rumors of Chipotle attempting to cover up the fact that their food was making people sick. If faced with this situation, Garcia’s Latin Market should apologize to the customer and be completely honest.

Garcia’s Latin Market can handle the situation by responding shortly after the situation happened and by posting an apologetic response on Facebook and Twitter. The apology should address the situation and the necessary steps taken to ensure it never happens again. Each and every security measure should be taken and Garcia’s Latin market should conduct the due diligence on each supplier who produces their ingredients. Posting a sincere response and taken action immediately will show dedicated followers that Garcia’s Latin Market is always looking to improve itself and takes responsibility for mistakes they commit.


4 thoughts on “Crisis Management for Small Business

  1. tkov27

    I completely agree with you. Apologizing and being straight forward with customers is the best way to go. Continually posting to keep customers updated on the problem resolution process can also help people know your client would be actually making the necessary changes.

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  2. ryanslabe

    This is always a major concern in this industry. It is important that you have strict instructions concerning the ingredients in your food. Make sure that people are well aware of what they are consuming. Everyone is different and some people have food allergies. Always be cognoscente and make sure the directions are crystal clear.


  3. carlydellasala

    I am sure all food businesses worry about the potential to get their customers sick from their food. It is definitely not intentional. Chipotle hurt their reputation from their recent outbreak. However, they have been doing a lot of promotional campaigns and giving away free food in order to win back their reputation. Apologizing and giving incentives are always a good way to win back your customers.


  4. dougbauer

    I liked how you mentioned the recent Chipotle outbreak and the wrong way the top management of Chipotle went about covering up the issue. It is very relatable to your Latin food market and addressing the issue is definitely the first thing your market should do. Hopefully a food borne illness will not happen at your food market and you will not have to go into a crisis mode.


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