Can a White Label Social Network help Garcia’s Latin Market?

White label social networks are getting increasingly popular for businesses as they can be customized to suit the needs of the particular audience they are targeting. With white label social networks businesses can avoid all the other distractions of public social networks and generate specific content to influence their target audience. White label social networks that are able to meet all the needs of a business typically come with a high cost, so I would recommend Garcia’s Latin Market use its resources wisely and avoid investing in a white label social network.question-mark-vector-1068869Theoretically if Garcia’s Latin Market utilized a white label social network it would entail of a network that allows users to see all daily specials, user interactions, and unique store products on a news feed. The white label social network will also have a delivery service option that allows users to order food and or contact Garcia’s Latin Market for catering an event. There will also be a feature that allows users to give private suggestions to Garcia’s Latin Market on what they would like improved or added to the overall restaurant and market. Users would access the social network by downloading a branded app which will be available on all app stores. Users would be targeted by posting links to the app on Garcia’s Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “Can a White Label Social Network help Garcia’s Latin Market?

  1. ryanslabe

    I think this is a good idea! The idea of customizing the efforts to meet needs of the business is important.I think that there is an opportunity that can be exploited. Therefore I believe this would be beneficial for your client.


  2. carlydellasala

    You have good ideas for the possibility of using white label social media but I agree with you that it’s not necessary. It could possibly be useful and more realistic in the future but for right now I think it’s important to focus on the current social media and what it needs to improve.

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