Social Media Ads and Garcia’s Latin Market

If I was to create an ad on social media for Garcia’s Latin Market, I would use Facebook Ads as the preferred platform. Advantages to using Facebook are Garcia’s Latin Market already has a following on Facebook and they can reach the largest audience. The content will include the popular lunch special which includes a breakfast or lunch taco, a side, and freshly squeezed juice for $5 dollars. The ad will display a picture of the lunch platter and say, “Hungry? Come join us at Garcia’s Latin Market for locally sourced foods and our $5 lunch special.” Ads will be straight forward and friendly while also featuring professional quality pictures of the foods served. Facebook Ads are potentially beneficial to Garcia’s Latin Market as another cost effective way to reach their target market and generate new customer traffic in the restaurant. Although it is effective to use ads, typically a successful social media strategy costs up to $200-$350 a day in order to reap all the benefits. Garcia’s Latin Market doesn’t have a large budget so I recommend they use as many free social media platforms as possible and avoid using money on ads until money is saved up to produce an effective social media ad strategy.



4 thoughts on “Social Media Ads and Garcia’s Latin Market

  1. paigepowers

    I chose Facebook ads for Table 9 as well. It’s extremely easy to use when you already have a large following on there. The idea for you ad is simple but extremely catching to the audience. Who wouldn’t want all of that for only $5!? It’s hard being a small local business and attempting to afford advertising. Free is always the best way to go.

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  2. phmoss

    I agree with both of you on the fact that small business’s often cant accept the massive costs that often come with campaigns. I also like how you are taking something that is simple, yet effective and usual that to leverage support.

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  3. tkov27

    I agree that Facebook would work best for you. It’s great that your client already has a following on there as well. It seems Facebook is the best way to reach your target market. Great ideas!


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